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The importance of sleep


Clocking less than six hours of sleep per night compromises the brain’s ability to regulate emotions, making it that much harder to deal.

And it only takes one night of insufficient sleep to make you vulnerable to meltdowns according to a new Tel Aviv University study that …

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8 post-workout meal ideas





  • Poached eggs with grilled ham off the bone, avocado and two slices of wholegrain or spelt toast.
  • 200 grams of Greek yoghurt (Chobani) with half or one cup of oats, and some berries and sliced almonds.
  • A …
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Nut butters uncovered



“Nut butters are a good source of protein and good fats, some better than others! Try and pick a nut butter without too much oil, salt or sugar added,” says McGrice. “Many people use nut butter and butter together; it’s better to use one or the other.”

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7 tips for workout success

1.    Find exercises you love
2.    Mix up the order of things
3.    Take your gym outdoors
4.    Bring a friend and put an interval timer on your phone
5.    Pump up the sounds
6.    Be grateful that you’re able to plan and create the body and the …

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6 ways to beat cravings



If your food choices disappoint your tastebuds, you’re more likely to resort to an unhealthy sweet treat to make up for feeling deprived. Here’s how you can reduce those hunger pangs.

1. Choose low-GI foods

“Foods with a lower glycaemic index (GI) of 55 or …

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Top tips to help you get lean


Want to swap your fat for muscle? Trainer and high performance manager of Oakleigh Chargers Football Club Ben Sharpe and director of MP Studio Luke Archer share their lifestyle tips to help you lean out.

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How to eat like a female fitness model

Her food philosophy

Don’t diet – instead just make clean eating part of your lifestyle. Learn as much as you can about healthy food and find foods that you really enjoy eating so that your diet changes are easier to stick to. Keep it interesting by experimenting.

The ‘before’ …

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Do vitamins boost your workouts?


There’s emerging evidence that antioxidant supplements may adversly effect:

Insulin benefits of exercise
“One previous small study found that trained and untrained people who dose up on antioxidant supplements impair important exercise training adaptations such as improved insulin sensitivity and production of special proteins that …

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Your path to healthy skin



The experts show us how to optimise your diet for clearer, healthier, brighter skin. 


» Dermatologist says: “Look for products that are non-comedogenic, so they do not block pores or cause acne. Key pore-clearing ingredients include salicylic …

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4 breathing techniques to reduce stress


Step 1: Breathe from your abdomen

To get the most out of each …